The name's K. Pochi K. (pochi_k) wrote,
The name's K. Pochi K.

{83} changes, changes

Hello all (:

it's been... woah, really long. I'm just making this post to let you know that my journal will contain kpop in the same amount as jpop. Or wait. Maybe more, based on my liking lately :/
So.... what I want to say is that, if you are uncomfortable with kpop, don't like reading posts about kpop or don't want to be my friend anymore cause our likes are different now, you are free to unfriend me. In any case, I'll be making a friend cut soonish, cutting users I never talked to :x

I'm pretty sure I didn't talked to you all as I would wanted to, I got close only with a handful of you, but I can truly say it was very fun to read all your entries in my flist. Thank you.

Also, tumblr!!!
omg, i'm dying to have a shinee layout DDDDX
Tags: akeome akeome!!, eh? i have a life?!, fail fail fail, i'm sorry, ilu flist~, let's talk about me, pochi is not dead yet, special days, such a shiny shinee tag, this is oh so public, too deep in the fandom
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