The name's K. Pochi K. (pochi_k) wrote,
The name's K. Pochi K.

{89} spring cleaning!

is not even spring here but most of my friends are from the north hemisphere so... xD

as the title says, Spring cleaning!
this means I'll be finally cleaning up my profile, my friends, and the comms i follow.

so this means i'll be taking a major leave from JE i think. it was really fun while it lasted and i'm so so so happy with all the people i met through this common interest, but it's not common anymore, is it?

if i unfriended you and you still want to be friends you can comment or send me a PM anytime ne ^^


Also! Massu will be free to marry at gotmarried soon!!! go snag him!
I'll miss my JE related tags :c
Tags: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 it's big news!!, i'm a jin fan too, i'm sorry, ilu flist~, koki is my lord, let's talk about me, massu... oh massu ♥, pochi is not dead yet, special days, tegomass owns my life, this is a kisumai tag :3, this is oh so public, too deep in the fandom, we are kattun... i'm kattun?!
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